First let me thank you for the interest you gave me for observing my work, with the hope you enjoyed. Indeed this website shows a selection of my best pictures realized since 2011 (with more activity since 2013). It is for me an accomplishment which I wish to bring me toward a better future. Here below you can find more or less personal information summarizing who I am.


My name is Geoffrey Hubbel. I’m graduated in engineering school, specialized in Optronics. My passion for photography developped itself since my early youth as a sensitive person to nature and things surrounding me. From the first basic camera when I was 16 I quickly wanted to go to the next step bringing me to my first DSLR in 2011. Thanks to a self-learning via research, intense practice and logic gained during my scientific path, I feel more at ease to go on to reach my objectives : making pictures which would reflect who I am and realize picture out of ordinary. That’s why I’m constantly in research to unusual, and that’s why my motivation pushes me to stay focused on my work.


I am freelance photographer since April 2012. I own a French administrative status as professional, thanks to the « SIRET » which is 7517 5879 8000 27.


I own two DSLR cameras from Canon : one APS-C and two Full-Frames, along with an hybrid from Fujifilm. Canon equipment is brought with six lenses allowing me to work on quasi all situations (landscape, portrait, events, etc.). I own a cobra flash with wireless and wire transmitters, plus two studio stand/umbrella kits for cobra flash and continuous light. This equiment entirely is from personal investment.